Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Michael Jackson has contributed to MalPF ?

The concepts that MalPF preaches which were influenced greatly by Michael Jackson ...

In the past 27 years, MJ has earned 120 billions. At the time he passed away, he left 12 billions while carrying a 14 billions debt. Resulting a net of owing 2 billions debt.

If even 120 billions is not enough to let one person simply spend as he wishes, do you still think getting rich is the key solution to TRUE financial freedom ?

But wait, guess what saves Michael's finance status ?

The change of his living status ultimately update his royalty tax status as well. Just the past few days alone may have already gathered more than 2 billions, not to mentioned an estimated collection of 100 billions in time to come.

Can you see the differences between active and passive income yet ?

source : 988 Radio