Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Rich is NOT part of Personal Finance

One of the hottest topics in personal finance is to get rich, and usually to get rich fast! Its human nature that we pay attention to what other pay attention to. Some love to follow blindly on get rich fast scheme, some make big money out of it and some others hate it. Either ways, get rich fast scheme is part of our lives now.

The only thing MalPF asked everyone to do is to setup an automated saving system. On the other hand a hot sexy attractive person asked you to follow the 'method' and you shall be RICH. There is no doubt which choice is more appealing to make; a dull saving idea vs an exciting venture.

The fact is that no matter how rich you become, it has NOTHING to do with your personal finance. Getting Rich is to increase Income substancially. And Income is a Pre-requisite of Personal Finance but NOT a part in it. This understanding may not bring much difference to most but for some who spend their whole life pursuing richness, it may just be a live and dead switch; As showcase in Why the Rich suicide.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get rich. It is even OK to get rich FAST! After all, in income generation, the key factors are creativity and innovations, where no rules apply except your own. But if you think getting rich will solve all the other problems, then the problem starts to root in you. All effort put into getting rich is ONLY to increase income. Without a system on how to use it and retain it at a personal level, you haven't achieve your optimum yet.

Getting Rich itself may carry this deadly inherited problem, however Getting Rich has a superb by product - Positive Attitude and Self Confidence. Even after a long haul journey and ended with no success, people who focus on these by products rather than the money itself, will always stay happy and content. Which eventually give them energy to do the whole cycle again. Until they get what they want. These by products, however, do not exsit in get rich FAST.

It is BEST if a person has a solid personal finance while she is pursuing the Rich. Each of the success and failure add values to her personal finance. The journey to become Rich and stay Rich is usually the most steady for this kind of people.

However, the good thing is, you don't have to have personal finance before acquiring your Richness. You just need it right before you lose your Richness. Acquiring personal finance while you are Rich is, honestly, faster and easier. The only contradiction is if you have acquired rich without personal finance in mind, it is most likely you wouldn't emphasize on it while you are enjoying your rich.