Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Malaysian would die ?

Out of the 24 million people in Malaysia, this is the list of how we would most probably be dying ...

#1 30% chance you would die of Cardiovascular diseases ie. Heart problems. or 35,700 people
#2 16.7% you may die of cancer Malignant neoplasms ( 19,900 people )
#3 11.7% Infectious and parasitic diseases ( including Tuberculosis (lung?) 2.85% and AIDS 1.8% )
#4 6% Respiratory infections, mostly lower infections rather than upper
#5 5.5% Accidents

In short, either your Heart or Lung will fail you. Then may be your cell will mutate and lastly if you have Health on your side, then you may be crashed on a road accident.

Full data below, data dated 2002, report 2004